___ Review of Luciano Marchi's work ___

  "Luciano Marchi is an 'impatient' artist. His conflicting rapport with his art is matched by his will to see the painting as a vehicle of his beliefs, his need to "say something", and his resolve to take a stand.
  Luciano Marchi is not a storyteller. The painting must be somewhat provocative, must bear witness to his clear position on issues, and must show his passion.
  The artist's technique nervously follows his search for strong sensations.
  The composition is filled with meanings that are artistically rendered, where one can sense a strong moral principle which dictates his choices."

(Marco Gianfranceschi, 1991)

___ Luciano Marchi's Art and Works ___

It is clear that Luciano's creativity and his desire to explore new art forms do not just impact his choice of subject and his technique, but also his choice of medium which is made in the initial phase of the creative process and is therefore of utmost importance as it gives the work of art its unique character. Sometimes he employs cement or other materials to achieve an unexpected result. Some of his choices seem to go beyond the world of painting and enter the realm of sculpture in a triumph of plastic reality which gives life and dynamism to his work. His boats and the other painted objects, which inhabit his artistic imagery, extend beyond the canvas to reach the observer, as if attempting to touch him phsyically, as well as his soul.

During his artistic life, Luciano went through many different phases which, maturing and evolving, have offered their ripe fruits and have given life to a substrata of experiences which are the inspiration and the roots of his vision. Luciano's road to artistic creation is at times difficult, at time smooth, rich in past and present history which help him with the experimentation of new materials and new possibilities.

As in all living things, his art is in constant evolution. Just like driving down a winding mountain road, and an unexpected, beautiful landscape reveals itself, his talent is open to new ideas and new experiments which lead him to suddenly steer towards newly perceived and stimulating horizons.

All the works listed in this web site are generally oil on canvas or oil on wood with some exceptions: N. 88052 is painted on styrofoam, N. 88027 is painted on a wall surface, N. 88007 is painted on burlap, N. 88070 is painted on wood and slate, and N. 88030 is painted on an old window shutter. The artist has often painted on wood boards that used to be the doors of old cabinets. Items N. 88066 and 88067 are executed with a spatula.

___ Shows ___

Luciano Marchi has participated in many successful collective exhibitions, some of which he has also curated and organized.

Among these shows, are the important annual collective exhibitions held during the summer season in Piazza Maccari in Cinquale, the collective shows organized in the former "Rosi" Theater in Montignoso, the several editions of "Painters in Villa Schiff - Artistic Activity in Montignoso", which was inaugurated for the first time in 1993, the first edition of Mural Painting in Montignoso, the several editions of "Aghinolfi Fare Arte", the collective exhibitions organized by the City of Massa, the collective shows organized by the APT (the local tourist association), several shows in the main piazza of Montignoso, and others.

The artist proudly exhibits his work on these occasions, and in the summer time he showcases his art in his open garden. But his reserved character and his artistic inspiration do not allow for exaggeration. When the attention to his work becomes too involved, his need of escaping the limelight prevails, disappointing those who wish to admire his work longer and more often.