When walking down Viale Marina in the small Tuscan town of Montignoso, towards the end of the road which leads to the sea bordering the small tourist airport of Cinquale, a stroller will come across a small gate, which is similar to many others and yet attracts the eye with a display of artwork that is beautifully framed by an explosion of flowers.

It is the small home garden of an artist, who in the warm summer months occasionally displays some of his works in the open while in the process of creating new ones. He does this in the perfect setting of the garden, among the plants and flowers that he personally grows and tends lovingly. His art, his garden and his family form the perfect circle of his passions and the source of his inspiration and happiness.

It is the home of Luciano Marchi, his wife Andreina, and daughters Mara and Moira, the first and most perfect of his creations. It is here that he paints, experimenting in unexplored ideas with a highly refined technique, guided by an unpredictable instinct and a capricious inspiration.

He has a true love for art which allows him to transpose onto the canvas the feelings which he harbors in his soul.