Luciano, son of Rosina Ferrari and Oreste Marchi, was born in Montignoso in 1950. He was the fifth of seven brothers and still lives and works in his native town.

He began to paint when he was only twenty, after serving in the Italian army. His whole approach stems from a sense of curiosity and from an inexplicable inner inclination to see the world in his own unique fashion. He began to paint as a self-taught man, who over many years refined his technique and his artistic expression.

During his life, Luciano worked as a bartender, a barber, a night watchman in two prominent local hotels, and worked behind an office desk. His lyrical nature is expressed in the poems he writes, which he keeps locked within a special drawer in his home. But his talent and inner world are exposed to all when he works with a paint brush.

Those who know him describe him as a solid family man. Whatever else there is to know about him is expressed in his work, even those more privately held emotions and insights his shy nature is reluctant to reveal.